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POSITIONS AVAILABLE:   Lead Cleaning Specialist and Cleaning Specialist

AquaPro Power Washing & Protective Sealing INC. offers a very quality and dependable service, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers. Seeking applicants whom can work in an environment where time management is key, quality is a MUST and professionalism is portrayed at all times.

Lead Cleaning Specialist- This applicant must posess skills needed to manage 1-2 people while on a customer job.  Follow written directions to complete the task and report back  to his manager on all aspects of the day, including broken equipment, chemicals or items needing ordered.  In search of a leader willing to bring new business to the table.  Learn the flow of the work and learn how to operate and repair equipment.  This position pays a very health protion of each job.  Salary pay is an option for this position and may be negotiated.

Cleaning Specialist- This applicant will be working under the crew leader learning all the functions of the business and following direction from the crew leader and/ or manager.  This positions calls for good communication and attention to detail, must be able to follow writtenn work instructions. Cleaning specialist have the ability to be crew leaders within a short period of time and/or share the leadership functions of the lead cleanig specialist for additional pay.



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