Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

AQUA PRO, located in West Central Illinois, is a professional commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company who does what we say we are going to do.  In business since 1997, we use the best commercial equipment available to get the job done, and done right the first time. What we do is very simple--- we remove the grease out or the system and set up a program to keep it that way. Below is an explanation of our services:

Cleaning of your entire exhaust system in accordance to NFPA #96 guidelines:

  1. Hood: Clean the entire hood, plentum, ductwork and filters, wipeout, scrape,vacuum and dry if necessary.
  2. Roof: Clean fans inside and outside, flip to clean down the entire ductwork if the installation allows, which we recommend for proper cleaning of the system and compliance with the NFPA fire codes.
  3. Clean-up: Our employees are additionally trained to make sure your space has been well taken care of during the cleaning process as well as thouroughly cleaned prior to us leaving the location.

If there are inaccessible areas, or if the fan cannot be flipped (opened), you will be notified. We can install access panels and hinge kits if desired.

AQUA PRO Powerwashing will furnish all:

labor, insurance, chemicals, plastic, fuel, pressure washers, cleaning materials, tools, appointment scheduling with customer,service date cards and billing

EXHAUST INSPECTIONS…. We inspect the condition of your exhaust system and give you a cleaning estimate, free of charge. A cleaning schedule to best suit your needs can then be discussed.

SCHEDULING…. Our office calls and confirms the scheduled date of the service a couple days in advanced.

BILLING…. No services billed until the customer is satisfied.

DUCTWORK…. Cleaned by opening the fan and from access in the hood. Access ports can also be installed for inaccessible areas. ( Our doors meet NFPA #96 guidelines.)

INSURANCE…. AQUA PRO is fully insured for your protection.

WASH WATER…. Filtered and disposed of properly.

CHEMICAL USE…. Employees are specially trained in use and safety. All products are labeled and controlled with MSDS information.

EQUIPMENT & LADDERS…. To assure the highest standards of safety, we require the  proper commercial equipment and safety gear.

HOOD STICKERS…. This certification of performance includes the date of next service and the personnel that has serviced your system.

OTHER CLEANING SERVICES….. We also clean sidewalks, parking lots, drive-throughs, oil spot removal, gum removal, kitchen floors (with drains) and mats, trash can stalls, sewer jetting, fan belt servicing and more.

OUR EMPLOYEES…. Our employees are professional and courteous. All personnel are thoroughly trained in the proper procedures for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.