Jim and Bob cleaning a rooftop of on of our jobs.

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INSTALL ACCESS PANELS....This is the only way to access internal restaurant #ductwork. This 6 month old duct was on its way to becoming a huge #firehazard. Within one year, this duct could be nearly impossible (cost effective) to clean without proper #accesspanels. #NFPA requires access panels to be installed for #cleaninggrease on horizontal and vertical #restaurantduct.
Thankyou Thai D'lish in #Quincyil for your confidence.
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Access to grease duct is #CODE...and we still continue to find new installations done improperly. Proper access allows cleaning companies to remove the dangerous grease buildup and protect the patrons, building, assets and the insurance companies. Let's get it right #QuincyIl #hoodinstallers #restaurantfire #hannibalmo #codeinspectors ... See MoreSee Less

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This has to be the coldest day I have every been out cleaning. I got it done without any issues. ... See MoreSee Less

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